Vertical Conveyor Line

5. Tray design: last, upper, midsole and outsole are placed separately, which increases the utilization of space. It is designed according to the requirements of 5S management. All semi-finished parts are stored at fixed points according to different areas, which reduces the time of repeatedly checking shoe shape and shoe size in the whole process, and one person can benefit from the correct ingredients;
6. Completely solve the problem of matching pairs from the process, and effectively deal with a small number of diverse orders;
7. The hidden light rail design is the only assembly line that can make the high boots droop naturally and effectively protect the smooth curve of the boots. It is the first choice for high boots enterprises;

Widely used in various industries

1.The native adhering to the Italian advanced planning concept of modern footwear, monomer location suitable for the height of the ergonomics, tray for three layers of design, more cost savings, increased the use of space.
2.Inside the shoe store in the tray, the bottom at bottoms on the tray, help after climbing shoe tree is put in the tray.
3.All the shoe parts according to the appointed place to store, completely put an end to the emergence of the frame, you clean specification.
4. Only layered, not segmented, suitable for various processes of multiple shoe types on one line;


8. The new design of last placement column can effectively prevent the collision between shoe last and protect the shoe last from deformation and transmission in pairs;
9. Automatic last return without manual handling; The multi-layer space can lengthen the natural shaping time of semi-finished products on the assembly line and meet the shaping requirements of high quality。


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