Shoe Lasting Making Machine 750 Hydraulic Leather Shoe Heel Seat Lasting Machine By Tacks

Shoe Lasting Making Machine 750 Hydraulic Leather Shoe Heel Seat Lasting Machine By Tacks


750 full hydraulic heel lasting machine by tacks
750full hydraulic heel lasting machine by tacks, automatic nailing computer post-help machine, this machine is suitable for heel stretching engineering sequence in the process of shoemaking; Adopts hydraulic transmission, high efficiency and high degree of automation after the machine, suitable for stand-alone production or line operation.
This machine provides high quality heel stretching work and is an automated machine designed for manufacturers who need to produce high-end leather shoes. A wide range of applications, can be used to produce high-grade men, children, boots and women's shoes (heel height is not limited).
Main features:
1. The fully automatic nail feeding device can transport up to 28 nails of two lengths at a time, the longer nails will be delivered to the final part, while the shorter nails will be delivered to the rest of the heel. Longer nails are required because the thickness formed by the main heel and upper material after folding is thicker at the back end than the other parts.
2. The number of nails can be selected, respectively: 26, 22, 18, 14
3. A special system can greatly reduce the noise produced during nailing.
4. The sweep knife is equipped with a heating device, which can be adjusted according to the needs of the upper material.
5. After the heel tightener shoes clamp the position of the shoe, the tightener and the shoe run out of the napping machine together, then the operator can easily see whether the relative height of the shoe heel and the tightener is appropriate, and the shoe can be pulled tight with the upper pliers, eliminating the wrinkles that can be caused by the shoe surface, and then the heel is fastened, the appearance of this system can greatly improve the quality of the heel.
6. The tensioner is composed of three movable components to ensure that the shoe needs to be properly adjusted.
7. At any stage of machine operation, just press the emergency button, the machine will automatically return to the static state before processing.
8. By pressing a button on the control panel, nail heel can be converted to pre-coated heel.
9. The time of the sweep knife can be adjusted according to the needs of the shoes.
10. The distance between the nail and the heel end can be adjusted forward and backward simply by pressing the handle on the control board. Press the button on the control panel to adjust the curvature of the nail distribution. The above two adjustments are driven by motors, without manual adjustment.
11. The knife can be used for one, two or multiple sweeping options.
12. The machine is equipped with energy storage, so that the machine in the process of work, the pressure can maintain a stable average, there will be no pressure when the problem of small, affect the effect of work.

Shoe Making Hydraulic Heel Seat Lasting machine By Tacks

-Adopt Italian advanced technique
-Very simple to use
-Extreme quickness for the work changes
-Functional capacity of the adjustments
-Versatility on the arrangement of the most particular exigencies
-Excellent reliability
-High productivity
-Completely hydraulic functioning
-Noiseless tacking
-Work possibility with 22 tacks or with 26 tacks
-Tacking of the heel seat with inclined drivers for a better
clinching of the tacks
-Tack pot arranged for the use of 2 different lenghts of tacks
-Last post for special lasts( * )
-Last post outward movement
-Last post with special flexing for delicate uppers
-Last post with adjustable ring nut( * )
-Adjustable heel band pressure
-Adjustable wipers' speed and position
-Wipers with adjustable temperature
-In/out adjustable tacking position
-PLC controlled processor
















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