Shoes Making Computer Leather Machine Digital Optical Measurement Machine Manufacturer

Shoes Making Computer Leather Machine Digital Optical Measurement Machine Manufacturer

Strong industry-standard computer functions, stable and reliable, durable, adapt to a variety of industrial environments (not a home computer.)
Japan highlighted the LCD dual display LCD, all Chinese working interface, beautiful and durable.
CNC automatic skin skin stamping a code size, stamping parts of any set, the computer automatically tracked.
Original infrared light-emitting infrared optical scanning / high-frequency scanning by the light, free from outside interference of light, a perfect substitute for visible light.
Fully sealed sensor uses imported components, high precision, long life, accurate measurement of all kinds of leather, split leather, wet blue leather.
Disaggregated statistical data in their own self-measured statistics of print, the print format in English and a variety of options.
A variety of useful features
① Automatic Data retention power
② Auto Calendar Clock
③ main vibration \ Sync works
④ Data Correction \ delete \ clear \ zoom
⑤ transfer time optional
⑥ full package, full box automatically print, multi-code single-copy format
⑦ m \ City \ inch (0.1/0.25 mantissa) is optional.
⑧ automatic correction coefficient
⑨ packet number can be set
⑩ intelligent self-diagnosis self-complete system of static and dynamic real-time tracking and monitoring, system maintenance, easy and intuitive.
⑪ low failure rate of a complete maintenance system, a comprehensive network of services, convenient and quick.
⑫ variety of standard models of horizontal / vertical / Composite / fur / wet blue leather / leather machine the amount of the original paper (1600-3200mm).


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