Leather Production Machinery Leather Area Measuring Leather Measuring Machine

Leather Production Machinery Leather Area Measuring Leather Measuring Machine

1. Working speed: 6-16m / min (patent)
2. Measurement accuracy: error ≤ 0.1%
3. Working mode: square meter, square foot, square foot
4. Print: print at any time, print the previous batch, whole package, whole box and total order at any time
5. Editing function: you can set the name, color, grade, factory name and telephone number of the leather at any time
6. Memory function: don't worry about data loss caused by sudden power failure at work
7. Synchronous function: customer service, because the customer factory voltage is not stable, resulting in inaccurate skin area measurement
8. Printer configuration: use super performance printer, clear handwriting, no breakpoint, cheap consumables, easy to buy
9. Display configuration: the use of industrial high-quality liquid crystal display, beautiful appearance, stable and reliable
10. Motor configuration: the use of integrated motor, no noise, save the trouble of replacing the belt and refueling
11. Manually add function at any time, delete any work, whole package, whole box, etc
12. The whole machine adopts steel plate bending forming and stamping forming, and the surface treatment adopts whole machine spraying process, which is more rust proof
13. 32-bit industrial single-chip microcomputer, 128 / 256 electric eyes independently display the current working state,
14. Photoelectric scanning, high frequency scanning technology, not interfered by external light, accurate measurement.
15. Fully sealed sensor, high precision, long life, accurate measurement of all kinds of leather.
16. Data correction, deletion, clearing, printing, automatic coefficient correction and automatic diagnosis system are easy to maintain
17. Complete maintenance body: low failure rate, complete service network, convenient and fast.
18. The latest processing system, the latest interface display, leading the industry.
19. One click switch between Chinese and English
2、 Option function
1. Barcode printing and output function
2. Pause function during measurement (especially suitable for large piece leather)


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